Wrong House in the Press


“There’s only one thing wrong about the sketch shows put on by Wrong House Productions: They don’t happen frequently enough!”

“[W]e were excited to learn that Wrong House would once again be taking over the space at TADA! Youth Theater, and jumped at the opportunity to revisit the space, and—more importantly—delight ourselves with another great night of sketch comedy from Alyssa Abraham and her merrymaking crew. And they did not disappoint!”

“The crew brought the refills to us—in the form of Jello shots tossed into the crowd—as they danced around the theater, keeping the energy high as Wrong House has been known to do! To the best of our knowledge, even SNL doesn’t treat its audience to free Jello shots!”

“It’s no wonder that, once again, opening night sold out.”

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"You Can't Go Wrong with Wrong House Productions' SKETCHY SKETCH NIGHT"

"A one night event that drew sold out crowds of people whose aim it was to have a great time, the party that was Sketchy Sketch Night began even before the audience walked through the door; the fun that ensued made this one enjoyable and rather unique theatrical experience."

"The audience was cackling and having a blast, laughing at how these characters are a slightly twisted (but pretty accurate) representation of the millennial scene - and everyone really enjoyed watching it all unfold."

"Much credit must go to all of those involved who brought such joy to their audience."

"The acting was spot on, quick and full of the energy and drama needed to keep the audience constantly engaged in what they experiencing. I would love to see how everyone performs in full-length productions; they are clearly very good at what they do."


"Wrong House Presents Sketchy Sketch Night: The Sequel"

"And now, you are no longer at a house party, but at the wrong house—a demented sketch comedy show called Sketchy Sketch Night"

"At this point, you’re already really really glad you attended this party and you’ve been laughing at everything that’s been thrown your way. But wait… there’s more!"

"To put it simply, Sketchy Sketch Night is a great way to spend an evening and a great value, which explains why this relatively new show is already popular enough to sell out."

"So if you’re a big fan of Saturday Night Live but don’t want to deal with the lottery or stand-by line, then get in touch with Wrong House and grab tickets to their next performance."