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BWW Review: “Wrong House's SKETCHY SPRING Just Feels So Right”

“There are few shows out there that just resonate "fun" - where the atmosphere around the theater is as lighthearted as the talent on stage is great. And what better way to have fun than a night full of pure, unadulterated laughter?”

“Our happiness is placed in the hands of a talented group of actors who radiate humor from every pore in their bodies

“A hilarious compilation of sketches covering a wide berth of wacky, off-the-wall but oddly relatable topics.”

Sketchy Spring provided quite the number of laughs that hardly ever ceased as the night wore on.”

As the actors seamlessly moved from one scene to the next, portraying an impressive range of acting ability and some pretty sweet dance moves to boot, I'm honestly not sure who in that theater had the most fun! All that matters is the fact that this show provided the perfect outlet for all of one's comedic needs, and did so with enough pomp to earn two thumbs up on my end.

Loved it!


Opplaud on Sketchy Spring

“A dozen or so sketch comedy shorts woven together in the style of Saturday Night Live from one of New York’s most talented theatre companies.”

“Cheap drinks, good music and the kind of energy you find at a house party where everybody knows everyone and knows how to have a good time.”


BWW Review: Time Stands Still at 36 JUNIPER, Presented by Wrong House Productions

“36 Juniper is an unexpected and riveting theatrical gem.

“Aside from having a captivating story to tell, has a stellar cast that knows no bounds in talent.”

“Simply put, just a really great production

“It is over an hour of emotional and psychological suspense that builds and builds until everyone - from character to audience alike - is mentally exhausted.”

“I was honestly taken by the strength of this show, not only because of an incredibly well thought-out plot with characters whose development (or demise) is so carefully crafted (as any good storyteller knows how to do), but also because of how it compels the audience to feel right alongside these unfortunate souls”

“This production is an unbelievable display of unbridled emotion, rubbed raw by the truths that are soon uncovered”

“a very talented and able-bodied cast that knows how to capture our minds and attention from the start”

OPPLAUD reviews 36 Juniper

“But the real gems—the truly perfect productions—are as rare as a sixty degree day in December in New York City. 36 Juniper is a rare gem.”

“We had no idea just how perfect this performance was going to be.”

“It’s a perfect premise, filled with just the right balance of tension and humor, and the team of Wrong House playwrights (Jessika McQueen, Shannon McInally and Alyssa Abraham) don"t merely do the script justice: they’ve perfected it.”

“it’s obvious that this crew has left no "I" undotted and no "T" uncrossed in the planning of this show.”

“Normally we might say that with a little bit more workshopping, or a higher budget, or an equity cast, an off-off-Broadway show would be ready for the Great White Way. This one is ready right now. The only thing it needs is for you and your friends to see it. Our advice to you is this: see it now. Before it reaches a wider audience. Before the ticket prices soar and it loses its intimate setting.”

Wrong House Productions is a vibrant and polished new theatre company in NYC…”

36 Juniper plays like part Agatha Christie, part Pinter, part Sartre”

“The production is beautifully staged and performed.”

“The acting is uniformly good.”

“The script, devised among the company's founding members (Jessika McQueen, Shannon McInally and Alyssa Abraham), was a solid piece of work that garnered a standing ovation and generated thoughtful discussion afterwards.”

“Wrong House is definitely a company to keep an eye on. With high production values, a stellar resident company, and something to say, Wrong House Productions is doing something right.”

“There’s only one thing wrong about the sketch shows put on by Wrong House Productions: They don’t happen frequently enough!”

“[W]e were excited to learn that Wrong House would once again be taking over the space at TADA! Youth Theater, and jumped at the opportunity to revisit the space, and—more importantly—delight ourselves with another great night of sketch comedy from Alyssa Abraham and her merrymaking crew. And they did not disappoint!”

“The crew brought the refills to us—in the form of Jello shots tossed into the crowd—as they danced around the theater, keeping the energy high as Wrong House has been known to do! To the best of our knowledge, even SNL doesn’t treat its audience to free Jello shots!”

It’s no wonder that, once again, opening night sold out.”

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 11.49.28 PM.png

"You Can't Go Wrong with Wrong House Productions' SKETCHY SKETCH NIGHT"

"A one night event that drew sold out crowds of people whose aim it was to have a great time, the party that was Sketchy Sketch Night began even before the audience walked through the door; the fun that ensued made this one enjoyable and rather unique theatrical experience."

"The audience was cackling and having a blast, laughing at how these characters are a slightly twisted (but pretty accurate) representation of the millennial scene - and everyone really enjoyed watching it all unfold."

"Much credit must go to all of those involved who brought such joy to their audience."

"The acting was spot on, quick and full of the energy and drama needed to keep the audience constantly engaged in what they experiencing. I would love to see how everyone performs in full-length productions; they are clearly very good at what they do."

"Wrong House Presents Sketchy Sketch Night: The Sequel"

"And now, you are no longer at a house party, but at the wrong house—a demented sketch comedy show called Sketchy Sketch Night"

"At this point, you’re already really really glad you attended this party and you’ve been laughing at everything that’s been thrown your way. But wait… there’s more!"

"To put it simply, Sketchy Sketch Night is a great way to spend an evening and a great value, which explains why this relatively new show is already popular enough to sell out."

"So if you’re a big fan of Saturday Night Live but don’t want to deal with the lottery or stand-by line, then get in touch with Wrong House and grab tickets to their next performance."